Full of Grace

Sisterhood of Aquarian wOMen



"Women must gather together

to renew themselves, away from

families, work, and the pressures

of life.

Gather to nurture, nourish and

strengthen themselves so they

may bask in the light of their

sisters and their own true selves

and reflect that light out towards


It is a basic requirement for a woman to arrange her life so she can focus on her own self and build her own personal caliber by letting go of limiting neuroses and negative self image." YB


Grace Gatherings

 A hOMestyle Sorority, we are reinventing the Ladies Night with ayurvedic & kundalini practices and other powerful experiences and meaningful ceremonies. In-Person Grace Gatherings take place at hOMe on celestially chosen Fridays (day of Venus) of every month. Access to On-line content, hOMework & connection available even if you're participating virtually!

*Activities/Themes  are based on the Lunar Day & Cosmic Conditions. hOMework is given to prepare for each Gathering with your hOMegirls.


Full of Grace 3.0

monthly Grace Gatherings consciously curated to take us deeper into

Breath & Sound. Meditation & Movement.

Satvic Socializing.

understanding & cultivating our true nature while creating a new archetype of The Sacred Feminine. 3.0

Final Season 2019

Oct 25 cOMforts of hOMe

Chakra Soup Social & Soothing Sadhana Starter

Nov 22 RADiant wOMan 

BecOMing the Lighthouse. Radiant Body Polishing. Bowing in Reverence & Radiance.

Dec 20 I AM (hOMe)

Build a Fire.Stoke the Spirit (of Service.) Gather & Go Forth.