signing up

 Please signup online before cOMing to practice to guarantee your apparatus. If you get on the wait-list and a spot opens up, you’ll receive an email AND a personal phone call from hOMe. If we call you from the wait-list and you can’t make it, you won’t be charged. We hate turning people away so make sure to sign up!



Due to limited space - a 12 hr minimum notice is required to Deregister without penalty. this should give us enough time to contact our instructors & waiting list in a timely manner. No Shows/Late Cancels will lose that credit if a passholder. Unlimited Members will be charged an $11 fee for each aerial No Show/Late Cancellation.

what to wear

If you’ve never hung out at hOMe before, we suggest wearing a t-shirt on top (for comfort and protection) and form fitting yoga pants on the bottom. Please leave any belts, buckles, clips, zippers and jewelry at home so they don’t snag our hammocks. Please refrain from wearing make-up, perfumes or lotions before coming to class and No Self Tanner!


don't eat

In general, you don't want to eat before your yoga practice but especially when you will probably be inverted and swinging and flipping, so...To avoid nausea... food and creamy drinks such as milk, soy and nut milks, etc. Should be avoided for at least 2 hours before class.  Drinks should be avoided 15-30 minutes before class....


cOMe hOMe Early

 Doors open 15 minutes prior to practices. When you arrive early, we’ll have more time to set you up properly so you don't have to spend the first half of class getting set up and adjusting. That's more time to hang out!



Don't Be Late

Class starts promptly at the time scheduled. For the safety and security and request of all of our hOMies, doors are locked at the start of class. there will be no late admittance.


How does it work when I get there

When you arrive at hOMe please stash your stuff in the cubbies by the door and check in. We will get you hooked up.

no spectators

Only those participating are allowed in studio during practice/class time. We might be swingers, but we aren't into Voyerism. It's creepy.

adults only

We do not currently offer kids/teens classes. Must be at least 18 years old to register/participate in our aerial offerings.