Ayurvedic Consultations

                            with Frankie Kraemer, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

 Initial Consults are 90 minutes and follow-up sessions are 1 hour. First follow-ups need to be scheduled for 2-3 weeks after initial consult, so it is suggested to book these together/ASAP due to availability.

**additional times may be arranged. Contact us via email.


Confirm session date & time by emailing hOMEdowntownyoga@gmail.com to receive Intake Forms. Please confirm how you would like to connect for your sessions: at hOMe, by phone, via skype

Return completed forms with accurate birth data at least 48 hrs before Initial Consult.

You must have an exact birth time for an accurate chart to be pulled. 

Intake + Follow Up...........$111

A little getting to know you of Body & mind Questionnaires, health history intake and physical observations. You will learn more about Vikruti & Prakruti & You. We will set goals together, creating your Dinacharya for the season. First Follow up to be scheduled for 2-3 weeks post intake.



It is suggested to follow-up your initial consult in 2-3 weeks. Subsequent follow ups should occur monthly for best guidance but may be scheduled any time according to your needs.  expect to book at least 2 wks in advance due to limited availabilty.


Season of Support...........$333

Intake + 2 monthly follow ups  + 3 month UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP    

Kapha (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) Pitta (May, Jun, Jul, Aug) Vata (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)

Commit to a season of Self-Knowledge, Care,  & Support. Start your New Year with an Ayurvedic Intake & stay on your path with a Private Monthly follow up consult. Learn more about doshas, nutrition, daily routine, asana, pranayama, and more. make sure to schedule your AYS sessions early to ensure availability and stay on track. Unused credits will expire monthly. Ayurvedic Awareness group meetings are inluded during the unlimited membership period.


Happy You Year...........$888

3 Intakes + 9 monthly follow ups + 12 months UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP

All Seasons

Start Each Season with a Full Intake. As seasons change, so do your needs. A full year of personalized seasonal support will give you the tools and knowledge you need to Be your most balanced You for LIFE. make sure to schedule your AYS sessions early to ensure availability and stay on track. Unused credits will expire monthly.

 *** Plan to book at least 2 weeks in advance due to nature of scheduling and limited availability.

 ***48 hour notice required to reschedule/cancel an appointment and retain credit.

 ***If you are more than 10 minutes late for a session you will be rescheduled for the next available opening.